1.  Liposuction, or lipo removes fat.
  2. Can be done in the office under local for small areas such as the chin.
  3. Is performed in a hospital or surgery center for larger or multiple areas under a general or twilight anesthesia.
  4. The fat that is removed can be transferred to another area as in a Brazilian Buttlift.   (See fat grafting.)
  5. Once removed, the fat cells do not return or grow back.  If you gain weight you will notice more gain than prior to the surgery in untreated areas.
  6. Not all fat cells are removed, some are necessary for a smooth appearance of the skin.
  7. Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States at 250,565 in 2015, and 1,394,588 worldwide.
  8. Cellulite is not improved by liposuction.
  9. Small scars, approximately 0.5 inches.
  10. Local anesthesia is always injected during liposuction.
  11. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed safely.
  12. Was first performed in 1929 in France, but became popular in the 1970s and 80s.